Figura Nueva Vest for Men

  • $45.00

Perfect combination of comfy texture with body shaping effect.  This Body Shaper Vest will help you obtain the best results if you need to flatten your belly and eliminate larger than normal chest.

It Features:

1. Tight compression fit to suck excess fat in and tighten loose skin to reshape your body. 
2. Breathable material.    
3. Back support.
4. Double layer design, the inner layer work as tummy tuck belt smooth out those unwanted love handle, outer layer compresses on the lumps and bumps to shrink down waistline, make you losing inches on waist and look slender.
5. Invisible flat seams make this vest unnoticeable under clothes.                              

Material: 90%Polyester + 10%Spandex                    

Style: FN180165